A Brief History of the Belleview Baptist Church

A church building is constructed of many materials. The first Belleview Baptist Church building was built in 1803 from logs cut on the site. At that time, the church was named for the stream which flowed past the foot of the hill where the church building stood and was known as Middle Creek Baptist Church. In following decades, the simple log structure was replaced by a frame building and then by a sturdy brick meeting house. In 1876, this building was destroyed by a tornado, and it was decided to relocate the church just down the hill to the community of Belleview. The current church building was constructed in 1903 and, with additions added in 1948 and 1966, still stands today. On the occasion of the Church’s 190th anniversary in 1993, a stone commemorative marker was placed at the sight of the original church. Church buildings are built from many materials, but true churches are constructed of only one thing – “You then as Living Stones are built up unto a Spiritual House.” The real building blocks which God has used to construct this church are His people, and that is why it still stands today boldly proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Embracing Our Future

God is calling our church on a blessed journey to fellowship with Him, and to fulfill His Great Commission. The twenty-three original members accepted that call in 1803 and constituted the early beginnings of Belleview Baptist Church. Certainly, they believed that it was only the beginning of what their great God was going to do with them. And to be sure, their expectations were exceeded on numerous occasions by the gracious God that they served. As they drew upon their heritage of faith, they understood that God wanted to continually and increasingly do greater things through them. They understood that their best years were in the future, as they faithfully journeyed with Him. We invite you to join that faith journey with us, to experience Christ Jesus’ love, forgiveness of sin, and blessings as we grow to be mature children of God. We invite you to fellowship with people who love God and one another. We invite you to share your talents to minister to others, as well as to receive ministry for your personal needs. We invite you to draw closer to God, with expectations that He will use us in a mighty way to fulfill His will. And reflecting upon God’s workings in the history of our church, we invite you to believe with us that He has prepared the best for our future.